Larry Laszlo has been a Denver-based commercial photographer and
photojournalist for better than three decades. After coming of age in his
native Southern California, Laszlo migrated across the country to NYU
and The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Following a potent (but
not lethal) dose of the East Coast he relocated to Colorado. In Denver
he established CoMedia, a studio representing photographers and
illustrators with a variety of specialties...

After stumbling into corporate assignments involving the rich
and famous, Laszlo found himself in demand as a
celebrity photographer and so, for many years,
made the circuit of high-profile events around
the world: a kinder and gentler paparazzi.

His celebrity work has been seen frequently in
People, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, in Style,
and numerous other publications.

When he isn't doing his photographic fandango elsewhere, Laszlo
concentrates on his business clientele, shooting photos for a diverse
assortment of companies, from the powerful to the humble. His photos
have been crucial to advertising and marketing campaigns in the realms
of business, finance, hospitality, education, and healthcare. While much
of the work is in the studio, probably 75% of his shoots are on-location.

Laszlo continues to operate CoMedia, one of Denver's busiest studios
serving a wide variety of loyal clientele.